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Wadhaian Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi Ludhiana Wale Shabad Gurbani

Duration: 59:01 Size: 101.31 MB

Gurskhan Man Wadhaian Wadhaian - Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi

Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi

Duration: 06:00 Size: 10.3 MB

Gur Sikha Man Vadaiya Bhai Joginder Singh Riar Full Shabad Official Video Finetone

Duration: 07:47 Size: 13.36 MB

Gursikkha Mann Vadhaiyaan

Duration: 08:30 Size: 14.59 MB

Joginder Singh Rirar Mann Vajiyan Vadhaian New Punjabi Song Anand Music

Duration: 13:08 Size: 22.54 MB

Mann Vajian Vadhaiyan

Duration: 13:08 Size: 22.54 MB

Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Lakh Khushian Shabad Shabad Gurbani

Duration: 13:15 Size: 22.75 MB

Learn Anand Karaj Lavaan Gurbani Shabad Kirtan Gurasikhaa Man Vaadhhaaeeaa By Satnam Singh Khalsa

Duration: 12:01 Size: 20.63 MB

Sabh Vadeyaiaa Bhai Mukhtiar Singh Ji Amritt Saagar Shabad Gurbani Kirtan

Duration: 08:06 Size: 13.9 MB

Ranjit Bawa Desi Routz Maninder Kailey Happy Singh - Gurpurab


Duration: 03:53 Size: 6.67 MB

Gur Sikha Mann Wadhayian Learn Gurbani Kirtan Bhai Davinder Singh Sodhi Learn Shabad

Duration: 06:27 Size: 11.07 MB

Bhai Satinderbir Singh - Vadhaiyan Vadhaiyan Gursikhan Man Wadhaian

Vadhaiyan Vadhaiyan Gursikhan Man Wadhaian

Duration: 07:13 Size: 12.39 MB

Bhai Joginder Singh Ji Riar Amritt Saagar Gurbani Shabad Kirtan - Inhi Ki Kirpa

Inhi Ki Kirpa

Duration: 08:45 Size: 15.02 MB

Gursikhan Man Vadhaiyan From Ragga Music - Bhai Varinder Singh Ji

Bhai Varinder Singh Ji

Duration: 08:58 Size: 15.39 MB

Avo Ni Syioo Ral Devo Ni Wadai Rssb Shabad Baba Gurinder Singh Ji

Duration: 03:28 Size: 5.95 MB

Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Sodhi Ludhiane Wale - Tu Mera Pita Tu Hai Mera Mata

Tu Mera Pita Tu Hai Mera Mata

Duration: 28:45 Size: 49.35 MB

Gur Sikha Mann Vadaiyan

Duration: 07:48 Size: 13.39 MB